Many of the members of this wiki are also on the Animal Crossing Wiki. As the name suggests, it gives imformation about Animal Crossing, which is a video game from Japan. They have games from the series in America for the Gamecube, Nintendo DS, Wii and now for the Nintendo 3DS. Animal Crossing is a game that stimulates real life, where you play as a person living in a town full of animals as your neighbors. You must pay off your mortgage to expand your house into a mansion. You can shop and talk to the animals, even make friends with them! Life changes daily as there are many events in Animal Crossing, such as Fishing Tourneys, Flea Markets and holidays like Halloween and Christmas are celebrated in some of the games. Animal Crossing has many different characters and villagers that live in your town. Animal Crossing games also have stores like GracieGrace, Shampoodle, The Marquee, Nook's Stores, Crazy Redd's Black Market, Katrina's Fortune Telling Shop. On Christmas a reindeer named Jingle appears and you can talk to him but this only happened in Animal Crossing GCN. Users from Animal Crossing Wiki, joined this wiki. Animal Crossing Wiki has been up and running since 2005, and in October 2010, some users moved to a different website.

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