Bianca is one of two friends/rivals the main character has in Pokemon Black and White versions. Her name was Bel, or Belle in Japan. The player's other friend is Cheren, a quie bookworm who spends all his time trying to get strong. All three of them reside in Nuvena Town. Bianca is the only Rival that picks a starter whose type is disadvantaged against your starter. Even though her dad rages over the idea of having a pokemon journey, she goes on one anyway, thinking that she'll grower stronger as a person and a trainer. Her dad finds her in Nimbasa city. She and her dad argue, until Elesa stops them. N has said that she's one of the people who will never get any stronger.

Personality & appearanceEdit

Bianca is a happy girl. Even though she can be an air head, she has a strong side. This is shown when she goes on a journey without her father's consent. She sports a green hat, orange shirt, and a skirt that is white. Bianca also has blonde hair and green eyes.


Pignite is Bianca's primarily used Pokémon. It has many powerful attacks at its disposal including Heat Crash and the powerful Flame Charge which allow it to severely damage its foes. However, despite this, it fell in battle against a wild Minccino and then later fell to Ash's Pikachu in another battle.


When Bianca first saw Minccino, he had stolen the Badge Case that Bianca was delivering to Ash as it was dirty. Minccino is rather eccentricity and likes to clean everything. Despite this, it is also a powerful battler and knows the strong moves Hyper Voice & Double Slap, but he can also disable his foes with Tickle and Attact. Bianca managed to capture it by bringing out a dirty PokéBall. Minccino quickly went to clean the ball but activated it and got captured.