A Harry Potter book.


Point Blank, a book by Anthony Horowitz

are objects that you read. They will be able to open up so you can read the words and view pictures inside. The cover on the book can either be soft-covered or hard-covered. There are billions of published books in the world. To get books, most people will go to a library to borrow a book or a bookstore to purchase a book. Now there are E-Books which is where you read the book on the Computer or the Amazon Kindle. They are systems where you download books and read wherever you go, but they usually cost a lot of money. There are many different Genres and types or books read like mystery books like Nancy Drew or fantasy books like The 39 Clues. Sometimes books can have a sequel, or even several, to them. If a book has two sequels or more, it's called a series, which tells a very long story. For example, Harry Potter is a very famous book series which was made into movies!! This series has seven books. Or James Bond, which has 13. There are over 60 books in the Nancy Drew series.