Ah...a remake of one of my most nostalgic games. When I was younger, I used to play an RPG made by SEGA called Shining Force: Legacy of Great Intention. I got Shining Force" LoGI on a collection of Sega games on a computer disc a long time ago, and I would always play it on my grandma's computer, as my parents didn't have one. I'd play it whenever I could. Although I could never get to the end because the file kept getting screwed up, I still played it. One day, when I was looking through my new Nintendo Power magazine, I saw an ad for a new Shining Force game, and from how long I played the original, from the pictures, I could tell it was a remake. I was so excited, as I loved the original. Unfortunately, I could never find it. Luckily, a few months ago, I went to a store that mainly sells old games (my favorite store) and I finally found it. I was amazed I even rememberd that the game existed when I glanced at the game cartridge. Well, enough of my endless chattering. To the review!

Overall, the game is a great remake of the original. The graphics are greatly improved, the music sounds better, there's more animation, the storyline was increased, new spells, new characters, and the fact that it is portable: everything was revamped in this game. I'm impressed by the amount of work put into this. Some things were changed that only a person that played the original all day long would notice, such as each character's attitude and that some of the dialouge was change (ex in the begining of the game, you go to investigate a place under attack. After winning the battle and try to head back to the home village, it is blocked by enemies. In the original, one enemy said "Death to Guardiana" (Guardiana is the village) but is replaced with him saying a battle cry of sorts:"Aargh!!") Another thing changed is that the main character actually speaks, unlike in the original, where he could only say "Yes" or "No", like in pokemon games. Overall, it's kinda hard to say much about the game without spoilers, but, if you like classic RPGs, this is a good game. I give it a 9/10.