Cream the Rabbit

Cream the Rabbit is an Anthropormorphic Rabbit from the Sonic the Hedgehog series. She wears white gloves, an orange skirt with a small blue scarf, and orange shoes with a bit of yellow towards the top. She has cream-colored arms, legs, and part of her face and ears are also cream-colored. There is orange on her forehead, around her eyes, and at the tip of her ears. Her eyes are brown. She's 6 years old. She's shown to be naive, raised by a mother named Vanilla. Vanilla treated her like a princess.

She is often seen with Cheese, a small, blue creature called a Chao, though Cream puts a small bowtie on it for some reason or another!! She is oftenly scared and shy, but at times, she will fight and stand up for her friends and others. She gets captured alot (ie:in Sonic Rush when she gets captured by Dr.Eggman)

Since Cream the Rabbit is treated like a princess, she is very bratty. Most princesses are expected to be bratty, but Cream is very Peppy, shy, outgoing and will always stand up for her friends. She has orange and yellow shoes, white gloves and a peach body, white gloves and orange eyes. Also a white mouth and socks. Dr. Eggman tricked her in Sonic Rush so she got captured. But later on got rescued altough she acts like a princess she will always be nice to pepole which most pepole won't be but Cream will be hyper,energetic and very peppy never quiet but quite shy. For some reason or another. She is oftenly scared and shy, but at times, she will fight and stand up for her friends and others. She enjoys spending most of her time outdoors. There, she likes to play with some of her friends. She loves adventures and exploring. Indoors, she likes to watch TV. Her favorite food is ice cream. Her first appearence was in Sonic Mega Collection but she made a cameo.
Cream in Sonic

Cream in Sonic Heros.

Sonic XEdit

Cream has a role in Sonic X, even though she isn't as active as other characters in Sonic X. Her very first appearence in the show was in Episode 1 where Sonic the Hedgehog tries to save her from Dr. Eggman's base. In the third season Cream appears and travels with her friends into space to help Cosmo stop the Metarex. In the Japanese version, Bokkun's locket contains a photo of Cream implying that she was his love interest in the show. She supports Sonic on his adventures for the Chaos Emeralds throughout the first season of the show. Her most known accomplishment is her victory over Emerl the Gizoid during season two, she was forced to fight him for the first time on Sonic X.

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