Dally is in the middle, the protagonist Ponyboy Curtis is on the right, and Johnny Cade is on the left.

Dallas "Dally" Winston was a character in the popular young adult novel The Outsiders. In the book and movie, he was part of a large gang called the Greasers.


Dallas "Dally" Winston is the most 'hoodlike' of the gang. He spent his early life in New York, where he was jailed at age 10 and learned to toughen up. He would often be jailed, but usually if he talked about it, it would be to brag. It is said that the only thing Dallas ever did honestly would be racing horses, and that he worked very hard to win and was a talented jockey. After his friend and fellow greaser Johnny Cade's death, he was grief-stricken and devastated. He became depressed.


Dally had an elf-like face, high cheek bones, pointed chin, sharp teeth, and ears like a lynx, his hair, which he never greased back, was whitish-blond that curled behind his ears and kicked out in tufts in the back. His eyes were a blue, blazing ice filled with hatred for the whole world. He was played by Matt Dillon in the movie.