Fantasia is a Disney movie made in 1940. The movie was remade in 2000 and they named the movie Fantasia 2000. In Fantasia, they play symphonies by famous composers and one of their most famous songs or movements to a song. Some of the composers include Beethoven, Gershwin, Respiggi and Dukas. The most familliar part of Fantasia is by Paul Dukas. This was in both movies. The symphony was about an apprentice who would do things for their master. In return, they would train you to do what their occupation was. In this case it was magic!! Fantasia is the third feature in The Walt Disney Animated Classics series. A sequel for Fantasia was supposed to be released in 1970 but never happened.
Fantasia Poster

Fantasia poster

The Story of the Sorcerer's ApprenticeEdit

The Master went to sleep while Mickey was left to fill up a fountain. When he made sure he was asleep, he put the charmed hat on and made a broom come to life. He went and sat in the master's chair while the broom did the work. He fell asleep and woke up with the room flooded with water. So he decided to take an axe and chop the broom to pieces. While he was walking down the steps to clean up his mess, he heard banging at the back door and had to hold the door back. What Mickey didn't knowis that chopping up the broom made many more brooms. All of a sudden, the room was flooded even more and the the Master came downstairs and made all the water disappear. Mickey gave back the hat and the broom. He started walking away, and got kicked out the door.