Fish Hooks is a TV show on Disney Channel. It is about three fish named Oscar, Milo, and B
Fish Hooks
ea. Oscar is a socially-challenged "geek" who is obsessed with video games and gets scared a lot. Oscar also keeps a diary as seen in an episode about medievel times which is called, The Tale Of Sir Oscar Fish. Milo is a wacky fish who has trouble paying attention, as seen in an episode where he almost fails Mr. Baldwin's (their teacher) class because he keeps on jumping out of his seat and getting distracted. He is also very messy, and Oscar, his roommate, hates that because he is very clean and organized. Bea is a popular fish who dreams to be an actor when she becomes older. She has a lot of friends and has so many dates that she even has a planner called "Bea's Date Book" in one episode. all three fish go to high school together and live everyday lives dealing with issues on dating, bullies, and school. There are other minor characters like Jocktopus (the school bully), Clamantha (a clam with a pink ponytail and one of Bea's many friends), Shellsea (Another one of Bea's friends), and their teacher, Mr. Baldwin. Clamantha has a wild crush on Oscar, but Oscar likes Bea. Milo doesn't have a girlfriend, but however, he is seen going on a date with Finberly (another minor character in the seres) in one episode. He tries to impress Finberly throughout the series. To fill his time, he does a lot of crazy antics and causes mischief. Finberely is a very peppy and happy fish and she seems to be hyper all the time. Bea has red hair and a yellow star headband in her head. She also wears a orange shirt. Fish Hooks premired on September 24th 2010 and had it's very first episode called Bea Stays In The Picture which is about Bea taking her picture but she dosen't like the picture that she took. Kyle Massey voices Milo Justin Roailand voices Oscar and Chelsea Kane voices Bea. 25 episodes premired and there is one season and the newest episode is called Legend Of Earth Troll which is a episode where Oscar makes up a fake person to get Milo to recycle but Milo goes too far. It was announced on December 8, 2010 that Fish Hooks was picked up for a second season. The newest 2 episodes are called Diary of a Lost Fish and the second episode is called, Good, Morning Freshwater.