Frogs are amphibians that can vary in size, shape and color. They have very strong back legs, and that is what

A frog

makes frogs famous: Their ability to jump. Some can be poisonus, but others are very tame and popular pets. Frogs are green, red, blue, and a bunch of other colors! There are over 5,000 species of frogs identified. Most frogs live in tropical rainforests. Frogs are noticable by their call, usually during mating season at night. Frogs are hatched from eggs, then become a tadpole, or a young frog. Tadpoles spend all of their time in water, and cannot survive on land. As the frog matures, he/she loses their tail, and when they are fully an adult, the frog lives in water and land. Frogs need to be wet to survive. Frogs are generally found everywhere, but most frogs cannot survive freezing tempatures. They like to be warm and moist. Sadly, many frogs are endangered, and very close to being extinct. Frogs are tail-less. They typiccally layb their eggs in puddles, ponds, or lakes. Some frog calls are so loud, they can be heard up to a mile away. The call of a frog is unique to its species.