Halloween Peeps
is a holiday that occurs on the 31st of October. You dress up in a costume, and knock on doors in your neighborhood. If someone opens the door, you say Trick or Treat! Then, they will give you some candy, like Candy Corn, and Tootsie Rolls! People also dress up for Halloween. Halloween is all about creative expression, but mostly candy! When people think of Halloween they might think of witches, candy, pumpkins, and other Halloween-related things. You could get lots of candy and all you have to do is hold your bag or bucket out then the people will give you candy. You could even be characters from a game, book, T.V. Show, or singer. Basically anything you can dress up as! Some people you could be are Princess Peach, Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, Harry Potter, Madhatter and anything you want to be! At Halloween time you can carve pumpkins to have faces and display them at the front of your house.

Cowboy 012

A cowboy costume, perfect for Halloween


Some children play pranks on people on Halloween, such as:

  • Teepeeing a house/trees
  • Egging cars/houses (most people get into trouble for this one)
  • Soaping windows
  • Scaring little kids while they are Trick-or Treating