Mcdonalds logo.

Mcdonald's is a fast food resturant. It was founded on May 15th 1940. They have different foods for different times of the day. Their breakfasts are hashbrowns, pancakes, hotcakes, english muffins, oatmeal, apple oatmeal and other things such as coffee. For lunch they have Big Mac's and chicken salads, chicken nuggets and french fries. As snacks or deserts they have cookies and icecream. There are some McDonalds in mall food courts and in Wal-Marts. They have parfaits and wraps and fruits too. At certain Mcdonald's they will have playgrounds and play areas. At some Mcdonald's they sometimes put your happy meal in a box!! The box has a yellow happy face on it and the box is red. Mcdonald's has started serving smoothies and milkshakes with different flavors like vanilla, strawberry and chocolate. Mcdonald's now has healthier food, and now has salads and smoothies on their menus. Most Mcdonald's have gotten redesigned, removing the outdoor playgrounds.