Minccino cutie pie
Minncino is a normal type Pokemon introduced in Generation V. It appears in Pokemon: Black and White. Minncino's classifation is a Chinchilla Pokemon. It can learn the moves Swift, Wake-Up Slap and two new moves Tail Slap, which attacks several times consecutively and After You which makes the target of the attack go first. It evolves into Cinccino with the use of a Shiny Stone. Professor Juniper of the Unova region is known to have a Minncino in Pokemon: Black and White. Minncino is revealed to be one of the standard Pokemon in the game. Minncino is a furry, gray-colored rodent-like Pokemon, sporting scruffs of fur on its head, ear insides and neck. Minncino's large ears, located to the sides of his head, have pink insides partly covered by the tufts of fur there. It's eyes are large and dull brown, with a small dot-like nose. Its limbs are somewhat rounded and small, and its tail is long and furry. He only appears in Pokemon: Black and White and that is its first appearence. His locations in Pokemon: Black and White are Route 5, Route 9, Route 16, and Cold Storage. He is a common Pokemon. Minncino didn't appear in Generation l games, Generation ll games, Generation lll games, and Generation IV games. In the anime, Minncino stole Ash's badge case just to clean it. In Pokemon Black it says they greet one another by rubbing each other with their tails, which are always kept well groomed and clean. In Pokemon White it says these Pokemon prefer a tidy habitat. They are always sweeping and dusting, using their tails as brooms.