Myspace is a social website and became one of the most popular website in June 2006. Myspace is now stylized My and then has a space after it. It was founded in 2003 and was founded in Santa Monica, California and the headquarters are at Beverly Hills, California. There are a total of 34 million users as of March 2011. There are 1,000 employees. Myspace was first launched in August 2003. On Myspace, you can play games and you can send gifts to people and send them messages. Myspace is not as popular as Facebook. On your phone you can get a Myspace app just like you can on Facebook. In Januray 2011 it was announced that Myspace staff would be reduced by 47% and is no longer competing with Facebook anymore. Myspace has moods, which are small emotions which users can express themselves. Myspace is going to be sold, for a certain amount of money. Certain celeberties have Myspace music pages, and the artist's music is on their profile.

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