Nail Polish is a thin layer of color paint you put on your nails. It can be glittery, glow-in-the-dark, and all different colors!
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A row of different colored Nail Polish

They also make fake nails that are already painted that you put on your nails with nail glue. People paint their own nails or go to a salon to get a manicure done. As shown in the picture, nail polish can also change color depending on your mood like a mood ring. They have different brands and different colors like purple, blue, light blue, yellow, pink, hot pink, red and many other colors. Girls often get pedicures done, which is similar to a manicure, but is done on your toes. Nail polish is basicilly just nail paint. Black is a popular color for goths, emos, and punks since the 1970's.

Pink nail polish dropping

Fake nails are sold in packs and have some different designs on them like flowers,hearts and pretty much anything! Egyptians used nail color to signify social order, with shades of red at the top. Queen Nerfeti, teh wife of Akhentaton painted her fingernails ruby red and Cleopatra favored crimson. Women of lower rank who colored their nails were permitted only pale colors. New nail polishes are made by companies CND,ORLY,Lh colur and ZOYA. Some types of nail polish make your fingernails grow. Nail polish is one of the supplies to get a manicure for your fingernails. Disco brights is also a nail polish company and sell colors and name them one of them is called funkadelic and the color of funkadelic is blue. Polishing without adding chemical layers is called buffering. Girls wear Nail Polish as an acsessory.