This game was reviewed by users AgentCarmen12 and SoulSilver187

Main character

Platform: Wii

Company: Nintendo

It was Christmas morning and AgentCarmen12 and SoulSilver187 opened up the New Super Mario Bros. Wii. We were both excited to start playing the game when we were at a friend's house, but when we got it, we did not have as much fun. This four-player game recieved three and a half stars out of five. We chose three good and bad things about the game. Lets start with the bad. The first reason would be after you beat the entire game, get World Nine after defeating Bowser and get every star coin then what? Also, there is a new feature. You can go into Peach's castle in World One and watch hint movies on how to get all three star coins, secret passages, super skills, and infinate one-ups. We don't understand why they are making it easier. Ever heard of a challange? Lastly, why does the player have to save Toad? In singleplayer, Mario has to save the one and very annoying Toad. It adds a little more fun, but Nintendo, you really should have left Toad out of this game. Now we will start describing the good in this game. The first good thing on here were that the levels were challenging except if you used the hint box in the level or went to the castle before the mission and then used the hint. Next, we really liked how you were able to play in the storymode with up to three other friends. This got the player more points, and more coins which gave everyone one-ups. When our friends saw a red power house it was the first thing we did. In the minigame, the players get to find more power-ups for the player which was better than only getting one power-up only. The final thing we liked was the upgraded powers and power houses. Nintendo took out the giant power, but they replaced it with two new power-ups, penguin and propellor. The power houses were improved and they did a great job. Before you decide to get this game if you do not own it, check out the stuff below. In every game review, there are six important parts. They are concept (storyline), graphics (can you see things), sound (music, is it loud/soft/repeats), playability (easy or hard to control character), entertainment, (fun to play), and replay value (can you play the rounds again and again).

Concept- A plumber (Mario) saves the Princess from Bowser and Bowser Jr.

Graphics- Remembrance of the original Super Mario Bros.

Sound- music was very repetitive.

Playability- easy to control characters

Entertainment- fun to play in multi and single player, but boring when beaten

Replay Value- high