Nintendo DS Lite White
180px-Nintendo DS

Nintendo DS Lite.


A pink DS Lite. Released in 2006 like all DS Lites.

A DS is a Nintendo portable game system. The first DS was just called a DS some colors you could get were blue,white,black etc. Another DS was called Nintendo DS Lite. It was released in 2006. Some colors for Nintendo DS Lite were pink,black,white,red there was also a Mario edition for Nintendo DS Lite. The next DS was called Nintendo DSi which has a camera and Flipnote Studio which you have to buy but it is free to buy. You could also go on the inernet with your DSi with websites like Facebook,Myspace,Youtube and many other websites. The next DS was Nintendo DsiXL. XL was just a update for Nintendo DSi some colors for it were light blue,dark blue,black,white,pink,red and many other colors. The newest DS came out on March 27th 2011 and some colors for it are Blue,black and some other colors. All the games are in 3D you could make your own person called a Mii like you can on Wii. The DS games just look like little cards. Like a SD card just not taking pictures and saving memory. The first Nintendo DS was released in 2004. You have to have a pen if you have to use it on a current video game that you are playing. The Nintendo DS has all kinds of games like Super Mario 64 DS,Cooking Mama,Animal Crossing,My Sims Party,Brain Age and lots of other games sold all around the world!!