Oshawott is a bipedal sea otter-like Pokémon, primarily light blue, dark blue, and white in coloration. Oshawott has a rounded, spherical white head, with small, triangular dark-blue ears to the sides. Oshawott’s eyes are large, dark, and oval in shape; its dark-orange nose is shaped like an oval tilted to the side. Oshawott also possesses speckles to the sides of its face, most likely meant to be a stylistic implication of short whiskers in the common manner of cartoon canines or representing freckles, and light blue floats composing a “collar” around its neck. Oshawott’s torso is light blue, and decorated with a cream color seashell feature in the center that it can remove from it and use it as a boomerang-like weapon. Its small, digit-less and somewhat rounded arms are white in coloration, with its feet—having, unlike its forearms, discernible digits—colored dark blue. Oshawott also possesses a slightly plank-shaped dark, almost beaver-like dark blue tail. It looks like an otter giving it the name sea otter Pokemon.

Dewott, the first evolution.