Peeps are a type of marshmallow candy sold in the United States of America and Canada. They are made in different shapes for different holiday. The standard shape is a chick, which are produced and sold during Easter because they are usually put in easter baskets. An annual Peep Off competition is held in Maryland on the first Saturday after Easter when Peeps are greatly disocounted and to see who can eat the most peeps in only 30 minutesAlso, during Halloween, the peeps are shaped like pumpkins. Some different peeps colors are pink, blue, purple, and yellow. They are very soft and mushy but not hard unless they go stale. You can also buy chocolate peeps. In 2009 Peep lip balm was introduced and the flavors are grape, strawberry, vanilla and cotton candy. In November 2009 the very first Peep & Co. Store was opened. They are produced by the Just Born Company. The Racine Art Muesum is sponsoring the annual International Peeps Competition from April 1st-28. Anyone can enter the contest, centered around the theme peep powered work of art.