Pidgey is a Normal/Flying-type Pokemon. At level 18, Pidgey will evolve into Pidgeotto, which evolves into a Pidgeot at level 36. It is one of the first Pokemon that you'll find in Pokemon: FireRed & LeafGreen. It weighs 4.0 pounds. Pidgeys resemble a small, plump-bodied bird. It is a brown color, with a lighter colored throat and belly. The tips of its wings are cream color. Both its feet and beak are a pinkish-gray color. It has black markings around its eyes and a small crest of brown and cream feathers above its eyes. It resembles all other flying type Pokemon such as Starly, Taillow, and Spearow. However, due to the fact that (with the exception of Spearow) these Pokemon tend to be a unique region, it is likely that they are a result of convergent evolution. Pidgey's feet allow it to walk on the ground for a while but can also reach out and safely land on perches. Pidgeys often appear in the anime series. Ash tried to catch its evolved form, but since Pikachu wasn't listening to him at the time, he tried to battle it himself, which ended up badly. Pidgey had an episode all to itself in Fly Me to the Moon, where Ash and friends find an island of fat Pidgeys that couldn't fly. Pidgey appears in every Pokemon game. He appears in Generation l, Generation ll, Generation lll and, Generation IV. Pidgey is the first Pokemon in the National Pokedex order to have two 2 abilities.
The Pidgey Trio!