Pretzels are a type of baked good made from dough in soft and hard varieties. The unique knot shape in the original form came from Europe. Pretzels come in many different varietys, shapes, and textures. There are also pizza pretzels and cinnamon pretzels! The color of a pretzel is brown. They are twisted, some could be hard,crunchy or soft there will be small ones like pretzel bites. There is also pretzel dogs which are buttery bread with hot dog meat in the bread so it's pretty much just a hot dog but the name instead is Pretzel dogs. You can dip your pretzels in Cheese sauce, hot sauce and kethcup, and any sauce you like for pretzels! Pretzels can be twisty too and different shapes! Pretzels are not just the dough ones they can be hard pretzels like Rold Gold pretzels created by the chip company, Frito-Lay the pretzels are hard like chips. Some places where you can get pretzels are down below:

  • Philadelphia Pretzel Factory
  • Auntie Anne's
  • Wetzel Pretzels