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This is where you can nominate yourself or someone else for rollback, administrator or B'Crat. These will give you special powers you can not use as a regular user.


To become a Rollback, you must have 250 edits and 50 must be mainspace edits (edits to the wiki)


To become an Administrator, you must have 500 edits, 125 must be mainspace.


There is a limited space. Only 3 spots are open. To become one of these, you can be chosen by the lead B'Crat, AgentCarmen12 or you must have 800 edits and 250 must be mainspace


To demote a user is to take their Rollback, Administrator, or B'Crat powers away. This will only happen if you over use your powers. Which would also be going "power crazy". You could also choose to give away your powers, which nobody would proboly do.

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