Rihanna (Robyn Fenty) was born in Saint Micheal, Barbados on Februay 20th 1988. She is a singer/songwriter, dancer, author, and actress. She is currently 23 years old.

Music CareerEdit

She has released 5 studio albums which were Music Of The Sun, A Girl Like Me, Good Girl Gone Bad, Rated R, and her newest album Loud. Music Of The Sun was released on August 26th 2005 with 2 singles. A Girl Like Me was released in 2006 with 4 singles. Good Girl Gone Bad, released on June 5th 2007. Rated R was released on November 20th 2009. Her next studio album is called Loud and came out November 12th 2010 which has 4 singles. Her newest one is called Talk That Talk and a single from it called We Found Love went to Number 1.


Rhianna has had 4 tours since her career began. The first tour was Rihanna Live Concert Tour. Her second tour was The Good Girl Gone Bad Tour. Her third tour began April 16th 2010 and is still out. Her other tour is Loud Tour which started June 4th 2011.

Television AppearancesEdit

Rihanna appeared on Kids Choice Awards 2010 and performed Hard on there. Rihanna is also appearing on American Idol and is going to be performing as a guest singer. Rihanna dated Chris Brown too!!! On Rihanna's Loud tour you can go on stage and just be on stage with Rihanna like you are a singer and dancer!!!! She is supposed to appear on The Today Show on May 27th 2011.


  • Rhianna has dated Chris Brown, but since he abused her, they have been broken up.
  • Rhianna died her hair cherry red in 2009.
  • Since her career started when she was in her late teens, she never got to graduate high school.