Rinzler is Clu 2's primary enforcer. He is an exceptional warrior and is the combatant in all games in the Tron World. He has the ability to use two Light Discs in battle.

Rinzler first appears as the final opponent of the Disc wars, where he identifies Sam Flynn as a human after seeing him bleed and brings him to Clu. Later, he is summoned when an Iso named Quorra interrupts the duel, but is unable to prevent her from rescuing Sam. Despite the setback, he continues to assist Clu 2, acting as a personal enforcer and right-hand man.

Quorra later distracts Rinzler by allowing herself to be captured so that Kevin and Sam can reclaim Kevin's Light Disc and reach the portal back to the real world. As Sam attempts to retrieve the disc, Rinzler appears, and the two briefly engage in a disc fight that sees Rinzler knocked over a nearby ledge. He recovers and pursues the three heroes in his light fighter( a jet-like vehicle) along with Clu and his reconnaisince team. In the ensuing fight, he and Kevin Flynn manage to make eye contact, and Kevin refers to him as Tron, his real name and asks what he has become. Shortly after, Rinzler begins to experience flashbacks to when he had once saved Kevin, and is able to overcome his reprogramming, stating Tron's iconic line, ("I fight for the Users").

Now free, he deliberately crashes his Light Jet into Clu's, derezzing both jets and allowing the three heroes to escape. Clu and Rinzler briefly scuffle as they fall, but Clu succeeds in stealing Rinzler's rod, allowing him to create a new Light Jet and leaving Rinzler to plummet into the Sea of SImulation below.

As he sinks into the ocean, his circuitry flickers and eventually reverts from orange to white as his systems reboot.