If you are brand new to the wikipedia, these are some of the rules you may like to read! Also, the owner of the Wikipedia is AgentCarmen12. If you have any questions, contact her on her talk page!

  1. All pages must not be opiniated or have personal or false information on ANY of the articles of this wikipedia except on game reviews. That is what your user and talk pages are for. Take the link to get examples of what I mean HERE
  2. Do not make super random pages. I know the wikipedia should be random, but I want random pages, not pages with no meaning to it. Take the link to get examples of what I mean HERE
  3. Do not be rude to other members. Nobody wants to have to ban anybody or get involved. If you see an argument, try to get the two people to stop fighting. If you can not, tell me right away so I can do what I have to.
  4. When of if you curse, cover your bad words. If done once, you will recieve a warning. Anytime afterwards will result in a 3 day banning.
  5. No pages on gross things like butts or poop. They are not apropriate so please do not make any of these kind of pages. IF you are the creator of a page like this a user can see a banning for about a month or more (depends on the page) in their future.
  6. DO NOT copy any parts of a page onto another. Its called Copyright and you can get sent to jail/juvy for it. If someone goes on another Wikia site or Wikipedia and saw the exact same content there and on a page here, notify AgentCarmen12 A.S.A.P. This will result in a banning for a LONG time, you may never come back from this banning. Also, users are allowed to write similar parts of the information, but please change it up!
  7. Do not post pictures of Pornography or stuff in that category. This is not a porn website so go do that somewhere else, not here.
  8. You cannot talk about the japanese vocaloid Hatsune Miku. If you talk about her in any way you will be blocked for a day censoring her name or not. She is NOT allowed on this wikipedia anymore because certain users got into a fight about her. If you have a Miku avatar that is OK, but you are not allowed to talk about her. This rule goes into effect on September 4th, 2011.

Please follow the rules. I do not want to ban anybody from the site. The longest bans will be for infinity (forever) If you know someone breaking these rules a lot, let any administator on the website know and they will decide if they will be blocked or not. A quick note to all administrators, you will be blocked if you do not follow the rules, along with having your powers taken away.