Sonic Colors

Cover for Sonic Colors for the DS

This game was reviewed by Segaman11

Console:Wii and Nintendo DS

It was hard at first but I got used to it.Only Sonic, Tails, and Dr.Eggman are the guys many people are familiar with. Dr. Eggman makes an amusement park when he uses a race of wisps. He is using them to give him power.Sonic and Tails have to beat robots and of course Dr. Eggman hiself.
Sonic Colors Wii

Sonic Colors Wii cover

I liked how Sonic goes so fast and that he can use these wisps to give him powers.I didn't like how some were way too hard and that he goes too fast.Now that's really fast!)

You will meet a wisp named Yacker (Talks-A-Lot).Other wisps include :laser, drill, rocket, hover, frenzy, box, spikes and boost.When you fight Eggman, he is in a purple robot with claws. Players need to dodge boxes, spikes, and lasers. After all of that you hit the robot's claws, then the shoulder, the head, and Eggman .At the end you collect the wisps and once you have them all you use a mixture of their powers and hit Eggman very powerfully. After that you beat the game!