Jaime Luiz Gomez a.k.a Taboo is an American rapper for the Black Eyed Peas.

He was born in Boyle Heights in Los Angeles California. His father Jimmy was Mexican, and his mother, Aurora was Shashone. Jimmy was a heavy drinker and eventually Aurora couldn't take him being drunk anymore and got a divorce. He and his mom lived alone for a while. He had a happy childhood, considering he grew up in a neighborhood filled with the Dogtown gangs. His grandmother Aurora was very supportive of him. She introduced him to mariachi bands. His mother Aurora began dating a man named Juan. He was mean to Jaime. After a while, they moved to place where hispanics were a minority. This introduced him to African American cultures, like break dancing. He perfected break dancing around the age of eight. He moved to Rosemead, where he attended high school and met William Addams( and Allan Lindo( He was shunned by his peers because Rosemead was a largly Hispanic school and he dressed like a B-Boyer, and looked white. They formed a group called Grassroots. During a tour, Taboo went to a house party. A partyier gave him a powerful drug called Ecstasy. He became addicted to Escstasy. Upon returning to LA, he found a supplier. He got high every other night. He eventually got a wake-up call March 27th, 2007, when he was driving his son Josh to school. He was high on Ecstasy, and rear ended a woman's vehicle. The police arrested him, and found out he possesed Ecstasy. He wouldn't pee, so they couldn't prove he was high, but arrested him on suspiscion. He hit rock bottom, and was bailed out by his fellow Peas. After being arrested, he burned his crack supply and never touched drink again.
He threw away the Ecstasy supply, and cleaned up his act. He began spending more time with Josh and his wife Jaymie Dizon. He will turn 36 on July 14th.