The Midnight Spammer is an IP who started messing pages up Saturday, December 18th, 2010. He added profanity and links to irrevelant sites on the Animal Crossing Wiki, and was subsequently blocked. The next day, he or she came to this wiki and made nonsense pages, like Eat or Heek cats is Cool. Since he is an IP hopper, it is impossible to be sure if he is on your wiki. However, lots of times the spam he inserts says something like HEEK CATS on the spammed pages. He also will say nasty things about Anteater99 . Since he/she has been seen with 5 different IPs, some users speaculate that he/he is a virus that hacks into IPs. If you suspect that the "Midnight Spammer" is on your wiki, contact the wikia staff IMMEADIATELY. He/She could make your whole wiki have a virus. He was nicknamed the Midnight Spammer because the first time he had a spampage (spam rampage) was at midnight. It was suspected that he/she will next strike on Brickipedia, Super Smash Wiki, Pokemon wiki and other innocent wikias. He or she is a really bad person and you do not want him at your wiki.

Known IP'sEdit


  • In private forums, some people have come up with nicknames for him like "Mr. Menace" "Bum" "Heeker" "Midnight Heeker" and more.
  • For some reason, he/she has a grudge against Anteater99, a user on this wikipedia, even going as far as to make a page declaring it.
  • Some users think Anteater99 might know this guy, however, she has never had any contact with him by any means, electronic or personal.
  • The mystery was solved that Daimon Cray knew this person and his parents saw thanks to Daimon Cray and he will never be seen again (hopefully)
  • He constantly mentions that he hates Tron but his name is the same as a main character from the series.
  • Nobody knows if the midnight spammer is a boy or a girl.
  • His real name is Flynn.